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Digital Future for Bulgaria

IAD is a consortuim of leading industry partners and associations to help companies and start-ups thrive with the use of digital and innovation.


All IAD members are contributing to give every company and every organization in Bulgaria a possibility to future prove themselves. This is why every participant stands for the same pledge for Bulgaria.

Our Pledge for Bulgaria

  1. We give access to knowledge and share expertise
    2. We use technology for the good of everyone
    3. We will support SMEs and Corporates in the transition
    4. We will work together to strengthen the Bulgarian economy
    5. We ensure collaboration across industries
    6. We give everyone access to our international network
    7. We are IAD – We stand as one


The IAD initiative was formed by Dr. Andreas Maier and “SIX.MS” as the consortium leader to give every company in Bulgaria access to digitalization and innovation.

Together with leading organizations, institutions, and companies in Bulgaria and the EU, all members pledge their resources and help improve the competitiveness and economic fitness and help future-proof the Bulgarian economy.

Every pledge will be collected in a central pool and will be only accessible via the participating parties and associations to ensure fair and just access across industries, regions, and partners.

Together we stand for the future of Bulgaria and a strong Bulgarian Economy. Together we are IAD.

With best regards,
Dr. Andreas Maier

A milestone for the Bulgarian Ecosystem, and we are more than happy to pledge also from our side to help Bulgaria grow.

Benjamin Talin
CEO, MoreThanDigital

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