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About us

Understand more about the Industry Association Digital (IAD) and why we formed the consortium to help the Bulgarian Economy.

Our Story

“We really need to help the Bulgarian companies,
because there are great companies out there.
But hey seem to not understand
the power of digital, innovation and data.”

These were the words of Dr. Andreas Maier, when he thought about how to best help the Bulgarian Ecosystem to better leverage technology, digital tools and innovation. It was a journey where many companies shared their struggles about inefficient processes, challenges when expanding internationally and also the daily struggle of now having data.

After the inspiration from the global #bethechange initiative, Dr. Andreas Maier and Benjamin Talin decided to join forces, create a consortium and bring together leading companies, organizations and associates to form a digital fund to support the Economy and let Bulgaria grow better. 

Today, IAD represents a neutral and inclusive way to bring resources together and give everyone access to the future – Neutral, independent and internationally backed.

The Initiators

Dr. Andreas Maier

I love technology. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, I am saddened by the state of technology in Bulgaria. Technology shouldn’t be reachable only in certain areas of a country, but be made available to all companies, anywhere where it is needed.

We live in a world driven by data. A business should never make decisions without proof of concept – and supporting data;  it hurts the company – and the economy overall.
With IAD, we are providing the helping hand to ease digitalization and provide the first – and most effective ways to step into the next century and apply digitalization.

Our pledgers provide services and products at no, or a fraction of the cost of the real value of what we have to offer, in the hope, for companies to make use of these offerings and bring themselves one step further into better future perspectives.

 Benjamin Talin

Giving everyone access to the future – This was my mission with MoreThanDigital. During the years, our #bethechange mission grew to a leading initiative worldwide, helping over 2 mio executives from politics and economics every year. 

We fully support IAD with our international network, our know how and connections, because we believe that Bulgaria has a great potential in not just being an IT hub for Europe but also use technology and digitalization for the economic growth to enable Bulgaria 2.0 – The future for Bulgaria. 

Supported by #bethechange

#bethechange is a global initiative supported by over 500 leading companies, experts, ministries, economic development agencies and organizations to ensure that everyone gets access to technologies and know-how. The global initiative tries to solve problems of education, economic development and access to digitalization through an inclusive process and highly-scalable solutions.

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