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Ambitions & Targets

We thrive to give every company the chance to become part of Bulgaria 2.0

Bulgaria 2.0

“Data, Information, Insights, Innovation, Digitalization
many more topics are at the center of the
next generation of businesses. We need to enable a
new economic growth by leveraging digitalization
and innovation more effectively” –
Dr. Andreas Maier

The common vision of all our supporters and partners is to enable Bulgaria to develop the economy into one of the leading economies by leveraging the right technologies, know how and digitalization.

Therefore, we stand together, combine the forces, resources and know how to collectively support the development of the Vision – Bulgaria 2.0

Access to Tools, Software & Support

Every company and organization can help and support!

We believe in the power of the community. This is why we base IAD on a bottom-up approach to enable decentralized actions across Bulgaria, across different industries and with the combined forces of companies, associations, organizations, municipalities and ministries. This ensures more impact, better reach and also more resources that can have a direct impact on the thousands of businesses.


Access to Know-How

Access to know-how, insights and expert knowledge

We want to give everyone access to know-how and expert knowledge, because we believe that true change can only happen if everyone knows what is coming, and they understand the consequences. These ambitions are also supported across different organizations but also from international initiatives. 


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