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OUr Pledge

Our goal is to bring associations, organizations and companies together to support the Bulgarian economy and business ecosystem.

1. Share Knowledge and expertise

For a successful transformation, it is always important to give everyone access to knowledge and share the necessary expertise. We thrive to share this knowledge from leading experts across industries, across topics and free for everyone to access. 

Together, we stand for the promise to use technology for the good of everyone. Every member thrives to enable everyone to use technologies and digitalization for the good of the economy, society, science and every individual. Technology can change the world, and we stand together to enable this for Bulgaria.

2. use technology for the good of everyone

3. digitalization support for everyone

The future is about digital technologies, and together we stand for supporting everyone to access this future. With all pledges, combined efforts and support from all members, we thrive to give everyone access to this digital future by helping and supporting where necessary.

By leveraging digital technologies and innovation projects, we stand for strengthening the Bulgarian economy. We support SMEs and corporates in their transition to become more efficient and more innovative. 

4. strengthen the Bulgarian economy

5. enable cooperation across industries

Together, we strive for leveraging collaboration across industries and across different organizations. We bring together unique competencies and insights to leverage it across all different sectors. We want to make a difference for Bulgaria, for everyone.

We believe that the Bulgarian economy has a lot of potential. Together, we stand for internationalizing and giving Bulgarian companies and start-ups more access to international networks. All members are working together to give everyone a chance to become an international success story.

6. Access to international networks

7. we are IAD – we stand as one

We are one, and we stand as one – IAD is a consortium to enable cross industry, cross sector and cross technology collaboration to help corporates, SMEs and Start-Ups.

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