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Please note: The IAD Team will always control pledges and make sure that these are real pledges. Something like “14-days free trial” is not a pledge and will not be considered. We reserve the right to revoke a pledge if it’s not fulfilling the criteria of helpfulness, transparency, and quality criteria. 

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  • Become a part of the IAD Consortium
  • Get attention from media and journalists for your pledges, services, and support
  • Present your products and services to thousands of Bulgarian corporates and SMEs and help them at the same time
  • Get customers and pilot customers for new products and services
  • Network with leading companies, organizations, and political bodies across all industries
  • Collaborate with other organizations, partners, and associations
  • Become part of the campaign #FORBULGARIA


·         Online Courses / Offline Courses

·         Free Software / Software-Setup

·         Consulting services (e.g., five hours per month, 50h total, etc.)

·         Coworking Packages, Office Spaces, Sublet, etc. 

·         Assessments or Feedback (e.g., Strategy, Innovation, UX, Website, Marketing, Digital, etc.)

·         Pilot Projects / Test Projects

·         MVP Development

·         Products (e.g., cash registers, payment terminals, etc.)

·         Shared use of machinery, technology, etc.

·         Memberships and 

·         Etc. …

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